Planning a Memorial or a Funeral

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FuneralHonoring the life of a deceased family member or friend is the best way for mourners at a funeral to celebrate that deceased person’s life. It is a much better alternative than actually thinking how the person died. When a family member or friend dies, it is only normal to hold memorial services. A lot of planning is involved when it comes to memorial services, because it serves to honor the deceased and the kind of life he or she lived.


In a memorial ceremony, there are some important elements that need to be considered, and one of them is the ceremony’s tone. The friends or family of the deceased must select a tone that is right for their needs. There are some people who want a comedic tone, others seek a joyful tone, while others would want the memorial service to have a somber tone. The tone of the service is usually dependent on the kind of personality the departed person had.
Recently, there has been observed a shift in the way a typical funeral service is held. Burial services, traditionally, have always been gloomy affairs. However, more people are choosing to add elements that commemorate the deceased person’s life and achievements.


Pre-planning burial arrangements are perceived as an opportunity for a person to differently emphasize aspects of his or her life so that they can have a lasting impression on those they will leave behind. Individuals who prefer a particular sports team or song may want to integrate those elements into their memorial services; this will make it easier for their loved ones to find solace and comfort.


Funeral ceremonies help friends and families left behind to adjust to life without the departed, while still remembering the person’s well-lived life. The burial or cremation ceremonies can be dependent on the individuals being commemorated. One can incorporate particular elements to set the right tone at a memorial, while also taking into consideration the deceased religious affiliations.


A way to establish the tone while organizing a memorial is by way of the selected readings – whether if there is or not a religious reading or eulogy that has a hand in the memorial’s tone. Sacred texts, written passages, or poetry can lend a unique tone to the ceremony. Another thing that can affect the memorial ceremony’s tone is by letting funeral attendees to participate in the service or even contribute or share their memories of the recently departed.


Aside from adding personalized elements to the service, another way to establish a different tone to the memorial services is by using visual displays. There are death care establishments that offer – as part of their services – video presentations that celebrate the person’s life with special memories and images of the person. These establishments also let the surviving families display memorabilia or photos. The photographs or memorabilia add a personal touch to the experience and enable families to honor their beloved friends or family members who have passed away.


These memorials are a way for surviving families and friends to deal with the loss of a loved one. Grief is only natural and the healing process should not be rushed. People do not heal the same way. Some recover from their loss in as little as a few days while others take longer than that.


In order to help surviving family members and friends deal with the grieving process, the death care establishments can also help in arranging the funeral or memorial service. Before the memorial is held, the establishments provide caskets, flowers, transportation, fees for the clergy, and location for the wake. The death of a loved one can be an arduous process, but the memorial services can help commence the healing process.

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Ideas for Movable cubicles

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Movable cubicles are known for shipping large quantities of items. It’s quite interesting to know that they can be used for diverse functions such as for growing veggies and plants, organizing stuff, protecting wildlife, and more. This to-do list will make you look at Moveablecontainer differently.

Building a green home.

ContainerIf you want an unusual house, you can set your sights on movable cubicles. Regular homes are made from lumber – these not only catch fire easily but they are also costly for the environment. A shipping container is turning into a fad nowadays because having them is way cheaper than building a house made out of traditional materials. It’s also easy to put your home away when you want a change of scenery.

Putting up an office anywhere you like.

Working outside of an office takes a bit more effort because being at your home-sweet-home is conducive for rest and goofing off. It has been observed that people who designate a working area in their residence are mentally primed to work, and they accomplish more duties as a result. These cubicles may be transformed into a working space right within your backyard and away from the temptations and distractions of home life.

Creating a space for meetings or any other activity.

It’s expensive to rent a space continuously and constructing a meeting place is even pricier. Consider acquiring large shipping containers and converting them into your desired function room. Doing so is cheap, lasts a long time, and will provide unique experiences.

Setting up a store.

Increase your earnings by spending less on the things you need to sell items. Building a store out from scratch can set your capital back by thousands of dollars. However, acquiring a cubicle and doing some modifications will not take a huge dent out of your budget. You may also attract customers because of the place’s novelty.

For travelling time.

The technology for time travel may not be available as of the current moment but you can send what you have now into the distant future. A shipping container can last hundreds of years; whatever you place in it that doesn’t decompose will be kept for future generations to see. You can also choose shorter time frames like 10 years or 5 years so that you’d remember who you were when you’re older and have memory problems.

For keeping your stash.

Is there something you’d like to hide away from the world? Burying it in small steel containers will do the trick. Preppers often use durable containers to store non-perishable food, water, weapons, medicine, and other survivalist items in undisclosed locations just in case they will need them.

For aquaphonics.

Standard-ContainerAquaphonics is a method of growing vegetables, flowers, small plants, and even fruit bearing trees in containers. They are attached to a small tank with fish or other freshwater seafood. The water is enriched by the creatures’ droppings and it is passed on to the plants through a hose. This makes the plants grow amazingly well. You’d only need a plastic IBC container, some pipes and pumps, fish, seeds, and plants, and an aquaphonics manual that you can download from the Internet.

For dealing with your junk.

Movable cubicles are not only for keeping the important stuff; it can also be used for clutter control. When you’re doing heavy duty spring cleaning, regular garbage bags may not be enough to contain your trash especially if it involves large furniture and weighty appliances. You can also keep your things temporarily in a container while you’re figuring out how to rearrange them, such as when you’re transferring to a new home.


We provide completely refurbished, high quality, clean moveablecontainer.com at competitive prices. Movable cubicles are ideally suited to provide storage for financial records, office supplies, furniture, medical equipment or if you are simply looking to expand your warehouse capacity.

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A Brief History of Challenge Coins Presented By ChallengeCoins4Less

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A challenge coin is a small coin, token, or medallion that is traditionally engraved with a unit or organization’s insignia. One example of this is the challenge coin from non-commissioned officer’s academy in Fort Reed, Virginia. The back of the non-commissioned officer’s challenge coin contains the crest of the different unit organizations located on Fort Reed.


Another challenge coin is the one from the 235 infantry battalion, otherwise known as cacti. The back of this coin bears the unit motto, “Take Arms,” as well as the ranks of those who would present the coin. Examples of the ranks that can usually be found at the back of a cacti challenge coin are the ranks of lieutenant colonel or command sergeant major.


challenge-coinsWell, here’s the most common story – challenge coins came into existence during World War I. American volunteers from all over the country dropped out of schools, such as Harvard and Yale, to join the war effort. In one of these squadrons, a lieutenant bought medallions made of bronze to be presented to the members of the unit. These medallions contain the unit’s insignia, which distinguish the member’s service and membership to the unit.


A pilot from the same organization carried the coin inside a pouch that he wore around his neck. During a mission, he was shot down over France and was capture by the Germans. The Germans who captured the pilot took everything: his identification, uniform, etc. However, they did not take the challenge coin around his neck. After several months planning, the pilot finally managed to escape his enemy captors.


He manages to make it to the outskirts of a small town in France where he was quickly captured by the local militia. This militia that had captured him, not being affiliated with the enemy forces, thought he was warning the enemy forces. When he was about to get executed by the militia, he produced his coin. Upon careful inspection and verification, the local militia found out that the pilot belonged to a friendly force unit and he was returned home to the United States, thus his life being saved by the challenge coin.


Another story which relates to the origin of the challenge coin was during the Vietnam War. Soldiers of the Vietnam War very rarely had any sort of down time, so it was considered a commodity. Much of this time was spent writing letters home, catching up on sleep, or drinking in small local bars.


It was traditional for these men to carry around the bullets for the weapon that they use in their pockets. The bullets were often produced at the local hooch in challenge for drinks. The soldier who gets the largest round was the one who would win, and the soldier with the smallest round would then buy the drinks for the challenger.


With the danger of these rounds sitting in the hooch and the fear of them going off, the higher-ups then had the idea of changing it into something a little less volatile. This is where the challenge coin came in.


The idea was that the challenge coin could be used at any time in a manner called challenging. Every person must have their coin on them at all times. When you challenge someone, both you and the person who you’re challenging must slap your respective coins on the table and they remove your hands.


The owner of the coin with the highest rank is then the winner of the challenge. The owner of the coin with the lowest rank, or any member who has forgotten their challenge coin must buy drinks not only for the member with highest-ranked, but also the whole crowd. Thus the tradition of challenging using challenge coins was conceived.


With that being said, if every you need to have a challenge coin made for your unit, you can visit us here at ChallengeCoins4Less.


If you’re in dire need of top quality challenge coins at an extremely affordable price, ChallengeCoins4Less can definitely help you with that.


You can have as many design revisions as you want until you get the right look and feel for your Challenger coins. No matter what kind of form you want your Challenge coin to have; ChallengeCoins4Less can build it for you. Visit us now at ChallengeCoins4Less dot com.


At ChallengeCoins4Less, you will get a brief history about custom coins, military coins and many more.


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How Seniors Can Improve Their Game with the Right Golf Equipment

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Reaching your prime and aging further has its advantages in life, but it is quite the opposite when it comes to golf. You might have decent golf equipment that has helped you develop your game to another level, but as you age, several clubs might not be as practical for you to use anymore. Your joints become weaker, and your muscles tend to decline in strength. With all these factors, you can easily notice the speed of your swings diminishing, while losing a bit of control with where exactly the ball is supposed to land.
golf equipmentBecause of this situation, many consider getting custom-fitted golf clubs that match their swing style and body size. Club adjustments are necessary so you can still play exactly how you want to without undesirable experiences, particularly pain in different areas of your body. Rarely would a golfer quit or simply be put off by the game because of his age, but to cope with the younger generation, there’s a great need for getting golf equipment to match your current capabilities.
Because flexibility is something that you cannot be proud of anymore, this needs to be supplemented through your clubs, especially the irons. More flexible irons can keep your shot distances as far as they can still be. Even if you cannot consider swing speed among your assets at your current state, the energy you can impart to the ball can still be maintained by using whippier clubs. If you hit around 60 miles per hour, you can go with shaft flexes specifically made to supplement with your decline in swing speed. There are also clubs intended for those who hit around 60-70mph, 70-80mph, 80-90mph, and 90mph above.
Getting shafts that are particularly helpful for high-handicappers is very important. It doesn’t matter if you seek to replace your woods, irons, or driver. The important thing is to look for clubs that have shafts with the right flex so you can still have effective shots with optimal distances. Additionally, that extra bend of the club made possible by such shaft is quite helpful in keeping your shots consistent.
As with the driver, it appears that you can benefit more from one that has a higher loft than that with a lower degree of loft. Younger golfers can easily make effective shots at maximum swing speeds with drivers, as well as the 3-wood, 2- to 9-irons, and the wedges. However, because you’re not as flexible as them, your swings tend to be weaker than theirs. What you want to do is modify your golf equipment’s makeup.
It’s best to have a driver with extra loft. A driver with at least 10 degrees of loft may be enough. This change also works for the 3-wood, which should have a loft of around 15 degrees. You may want to remove your 2- and 3-irons from your golf equipment and replace them with 3 and 4 hybrids. This allows for several extra yards to your shot distance while maintaining consistency with your shots.
In many cases, an extra wedge could come in handy for seniors. Because of that need to save your strokes when the ball is on the greens, your swing should be made with great comfort particularly from fairway, which that fourth wedge can provide. Your wedges should have 4-degree increments. An ideal set of wedges would be a pitching wedge with 48 degrees of loft, gap wedge with 52 degrees of loft, sand wedge with 56 degrees of loft, and lob wedge with 60 degrees of loft.
If you don’t want to lose those extra yards that you think you can achieve without losing too much accuracy, you need to know which golf equipment to include in your bag. 

Golf equipment plays an important role in professional player. They require a best equipment. For best golf equipment visit www.rockbottomgolf.com website it helps you a lot.

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Tips In Designing Patches

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Embroidered patches are a part of our daily life. Everyone would say that they have at least seen one in their life. Everyone might also say that they have worn at least one fabric patch in their lifetime.
Patches are traditionally part of one’s uniform, or something that identifies you as part of a group. However, these can also be creative, and customization is something that a lot of people are already doing, be it for personal use or for a humanity campaign, among many other reasons.

Interested in making these on your own? Here are a few tips:

• Keep it simple
Words to live by: “simplicity is beauty”. This goes for a lot of things, and that includes patch designs. Keep it simple, but not boring. Being simple doesn’t mean you can’t be interesting.
• Why make it?
Iron On PatchesThinking what the patch is for can also be part of the design process. Knowing the “why” makes the prospect of an end product more meaningful, and aids in the visualization of the design. Your design would be different if you’re thinking of using it as a giveaway for your 18th birthday versus if you’re going to use it for your campaign against drugs.
• Pick an appropriate size
How large would you want it to be? The bigger the size, the easier to catch people’s attention, but size also depends on how you want your patch to stand out. Maybe you opt for a more discreet design, thus deciding on a smaller one. Knowing the size also aids in deciding what elements you would want to include in your patch.
• What shape would you like it to be?
Apart from the size, you should also think about the shape. If you want your patch to be small, but interesting, maybe you can decide on a less convenient shape, compared to the usual squares and circles. This is also something to consider for you to decide the elements to put in your design. And so…
• What elements are going to be in it?
Thinking again about the “why” can help you to choose the elements for your design. You would want this to be appropriate for the occasion or message, or whatever it is you are going to use your patch for. Is it going to be an image only patch? Or would you like to include a statement? If you do decide to include words.

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• Check word length
PatchesIf you have opted to put words in your design, take note how the words fit – if it is hard to read, or if it threatens fill up the whole of your designated space, maybe you need to revise it. Also consider if your statement makes sense. Cutting it up to fit doesn’t mean cutting up the meaning you want to convey as well.
• Use a pleasant color combination
Your customized patch may contain more than one color. It is important to take note that these colors don’t clash with one another, or that these colors facilitate the visibility of your design. It would help to have a great background color when your statement cannot be read.
• How would you wear it?
Yes, this can also be a helpful tip. A smaller patch would probably be better for when you want to put it on your shirt compared to using it on your bag. It’s always good to picture the end product.
• Be unique
In the end, you get to decide how your patch would actually look like. What we listed here are just tips to guide you in your design journey. There are no actual rules. Be true to yourself and make a statement – because really, patches are for making your statement, may it be as simple as “best friends since birth” or as heavy as “respect one another”.
Your statement is important to you, and we feel that way too. We at Patches4Less can help you in your endeavor! Let’s make patches!

Patches4Less is your one-stop, no-problem source for patches of all kinds. We offer the best quality patches you can buy, at prices that can’t be beat.

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Make Your Custom Lanyards Stand Out

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Custom lanyards are currently everywhere. They are very common these days. Companies, schools, hospital personnel, health workers, event organizers and other groups are using them.


We are so used to seeing people that it will probably take a lot of work for a lanyard to capture our attention. The fact is that we might have probably seen all types of lanyards, but we do not really pay too much attention on them.


However, we cannot deny that there are lanyards that make us take a second look. The moment that we turn our heads to see what the lanyard is about then that is only the time that we become curious to what it really stands for.


We will share you our observations on what make our lanyards stand out from the crowd.


1. Attractive Color Scheme


We have to admit that something as tiny as lanyards usually go unnoticed. People do not really pay attention to small things but when we do, we scrutinize everything about it.


One of the things that can easily get people’s attention is color. Bright colors can make something instantly stand out. However, it does not follow that bright colors always make the perfect lanyard color.

Badge Holders

Again, you must remember that there are several lanyards that are currently available in the market. Almost every color in the color wheel has already been used in making lanyards. Use something that will be pleasing to look at.


In choosing a color scheme, use something, which represents your company or group. This will immediately give hint to people about the owner of the lanyard, which means that it is a good way of branding your company.


Another thing is that you must choose colors that work together. In the world of art, great colors when combined together do not always create harmony. The same thing applies in making lanyards. Say for instance, your background color is bright then try not to use bright colors for your prints.


2. Unique Design


If you are planning to order custom lanyards from us, then try to come up with something new in terms of designs. We see almost the same types of lanyards on a daily basis.


The prints may vary depending on the name of the company or the group it represents but most of the time, we see them as if they are all the same. Now if you want to step it up, you can try to be more creative.

Woven Lanyards

You can use lanyards that are not usually used by others. A good example are woven lanyards. Woven lanyards do exist but they are rarely used. A lot companies are missing out the opportunity of making their lanyards stand out by not picking this choice.


Perhaps one of the reasons why companies are hesitant to use them is because they find it hard to print their company name or logo on them. Rest assured, however, that if you ask our help to do the printing for you, you will get top-notch custom woven lanyards guaranteed to capture people’s attention.


Worn by a Considerable Number of People


Seeing a large number of people wearing the same custom lanyards is probably one of the things that will definitely capture anyone’s attention. Anyone will be curious to find out what it represents if almost every person he meets is wearing it.


This is the reason why it is important for any company or group to give the same lanyards to every member of the group. The more representatives your group or your company has, the more chances of bringing more attention and clients to your business.


Apart from your employees or group members, you can also give custom lanyards as promotional items to your prospect or existing clients. Again, the more people are wearing them, the more chances of making your lanyard recognizable from a crowd.


3. High Quality


It is easy to tell if custom lanyards are made from cheap materials or not. People are quick to judge when they find something faulty in a product. If you want your lanyard to stand out from the crowd, make sure that it stand out for the reasons. We have never heard of any company that became ecstatic for gaining for being famous because of negative feedback.


We like to look at sophisticated things. People tend to pay more attention to those made of high quality materials compared to those made from low quality materials.


Cheap does not always mean low quality, so do not make the quoted price your basis in concluding if something is good or not. Besides, people will not really care how much you paid for the lanyard. What people will look at is the quality of lanyards.


A good quality lanyard is something that looks good, does not look sloppy and is made from high quality materials. It is durable despite everyday use.

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Get a Motivational Speaker to Encourage Employees and Maximize Performance

Written on May 27, 2016   By   in Motivation

Companies hire a motivational speaker to encourage employees to do well. Differences among employees’ personalities cause varying levels of motivation, resulting to a fragmented workforce in many companies. Motivational talks discuss the following elements that motivate:


Avoid Judging Employees


Motivational SpeakerEmployers and leaders are unaware of whatever hardship employees face, their level of trust, past experiences, and other personal factors that affect motivation. Some employees may also appear laid back, but they have a lot of talents to offer to a company. Employers should gain better insight about workers to maximize their potential rather than judging them superficially.


Gaining an insight about employees go beyond looking at what they typically do at the office or their credentials. It’s like a psychological assessment of an employee and discovering what he can offer the company. Judging an individual right away clouds the process of gaining insight and results to missing out on talents that could help companies.


Listen to the Employees


Failing to listen to employees’ requests cause them to lose faith in their employers. With lack of faith comes lack of motivation in doing their jobs. A motivational speaker includes vital tips on listening to employees without compromising their authority. At the end of the day, a leader needs to decide on work-related matters after considering suggestions from employees.


Aside emphasizing the need to listen to employees, talks also discuss the best ways of gaining opinions from employees. There are many ways of gathering employees’ opinions, but not all of them are effective in the office setting. Maximizing all possible means of getting opinions allow leaders to listen to requests accordingly.


Maximize Talents


They say that a good leader can draw out and maximize each employee’s talents. The same goes for employees. They need to know how to maximize their own talents then put them into work. Most employees know that they have the talent, but can’t draw them out to contribute to their performance. Others are unaware of their talents, causing them to miss out on their possible effects on performance. Motivational talks help both employees and employers tap into talents, maximizing them for productivity.


Minimize Weak Points


Everyone has his specific talent as well as weakness. Weaknesses can impact a person’s performance and bring his mood to a downward spiral that further affect his work. A good motivational speaker will discuss how to minimize weaknesses to keep them from affecting the employee and the entire team or company.


Put People at the Right Position


A common reason why people are not motivated to work is they don’t think they are right for the position. Through new insights obtained with the help of motivational talks, leaders will gauge the best positions that maximize employees’ talents. Finding out the right positions require interviewing employees, checking out their performance, allowing them to try multiple tasks, and many more. Once they found the right position for the employee, employers can monitor performance continuously and discuss career advancement.
Focus on Talent


Companies focus on skills and experience, which is understandable. They want to hire people capable of doing the job; those experienced enough in the same line of work for performance. However, focusing on skills and experience alone discards new individuals with raw talents that could be helpful for every company.


A motivational speaker discussing employee encouragement will discuss how to spot talented people in the pack rather than looking for skills and experience alone. He will also assure employers that looking for talent can be of great help as talented individuals can be trained and developed as helpful members of the company.


Set a Good Example


An employee needs to be accountable for their work. However, not all of them understand its importance for a company. The responsibility then comes to leaders and employers to set a good example.


Leaders tend to overlook their accountability on different projects. These talks remind leaders of their responsibility and encourage them to set an example other employees will follow.


Assign Tasks that Promote Helping Others


Many employees tend to work alone due to their personalities. Other more experienced employees avoid helping others because of their past experiences working in a team. Motivational talks help leaders come up with projects that allow people to help each other. Even if a person prefers to work alone, being able to work well as part of a team is important from time to time. It’s all about making the mission more enjoyable and interesting for these employees.


A reliable motivational speaker will help employees bring out their best at the office. He creates topics that can be understood by all individuals with different personalities and skill levels. Companies can schedule the motivational talk accordingly to ensure everyone will attend and have the chance to listen to helpful topics that considerably boost productivity.


A inspirational motivational video discussing employee encouragement will discuss how to spot talented people in the pack rather than looking for skills and experience alone.

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The Benefits of Getting Rubber Bracelets From The Wristband Factory

Written on May 19, 2016   By   in Product

Rubber bracelets are an increasingly popular way for organizations and businesses to promote their messages. After all, there are many benefits to using them. They are very affordable, which means that you can order wristbands in bulk and give them away to a lot of people, potentially increasing the reach of your message. They are a wearable item, meaning that wristbands are highly visible and more likely to be seen by people and making it an effective way to promote your message.

The Wristband Factory is one of your best sources for rubber bracelets. They will offer you high-quality wristbands at affordable prices. And their bands are made with 100% non-allergic, medical-grade silicon, reducing the risk of skin allergy symptoms among wearers. You also have the option to choose from an array of custom colors to make your wristbands truly unique and special.
In addition, they are more than a supplier of silicon bracelets; they will actually be a partner in helping promote your cause. The organizations and groups that have sourced bracelets from them include big corporations such as Microsoft and Google, cause-oriented groups such as the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the American Cancer Society and even TV shows such as The Walking Dead.

Available Rubber Bracelets Types

The variety of wristbands available from The Wristband Factory include:
Debossed. This is the most commonly seen type of silicon bracelet and features lettering that is recessed on the band. The bands are available in an assortment of colors and you can emboss not just lettering but also logos onto them.
Embossed. This is the next-most popular type of silicon bracelet, with the lettering raised rather than recessed. This gives the bracelet a unique look that helps it to stand out.
Silk-screened. This is the best choice if you have a complicated logo or design that would be difficult to realize in a mold. In addition, with silk-screening you can print a message or design all the way around the band at no additional charge.
Color-filled Debossed. To help make the message more visible, the recessed lettering is filled up with your choice of color. This means that the message can be seen even from a distance. In addition, you can mix and match colors to make the appearance of the wristband more visually striking.
Color-Coated. This recent addition to the line adds a second layer of color on a typical debossed wristband. This makes the lettering stand out even without the addition of color on the recessed lettering.
Segmented. With this option you can add a second or third color to the original band. For example, you can take a red wristband and make half of it yellow or blue. You can choose the color scheme that you like to give your bracelet a striking appearance.
Swirled. Instead of two or three segmented colors, they are swirled together to create a tie-dyed look. The swirled option is available for embossed and debossed bracelets.
In addition, you can order bracelets in different sizes, ranging from oversized 3/4-inch and one-inch bands to microbands that are only half the standard size. This allows you to customize a wristband based on your particular requirements. For example, if you have a complicated design that you want to stand out more, you can choose a one-inch band. If you would like to be different you can choose micro wristbands in assorted colors that allow several to be worn at once. And if you would like to be really unique, you can order fingerbands that can be worn like rings.
Finally, if you would like to add functionality to the wristband, you can opt for a keychain band. A keychain is added to a standard-sized band so that you can keep keys on it.

Why Use The Wristband Factory?

You can order as few as one wristband. For debossed and color-coated bracelets, you can order only a single band if that is what you need, and it will be priced accordingly. Of course, you will save more if you order in bulk, but The Wristband Factory will not force you to order more than you need to avail of their high quality bracelets.
You have the option to avail of 24-hour rush service. If your need for wristbands is urgent, they can be completed in 24 hours or less, depending on the style you ordered. You’re sure to get the bracelets that you need in time for an important event.
You can order stock wristbands that are ready to be shipped. The Wristband Factory keeps stocks of rubber bracelets that are ready to be shipped ‘as-is’ or which can be customized on short notice. You can have your order made and shipped more quickly by simply choosing from among the colors and style that are already available.

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How to choose an agent in Long Island real estate

Written on May 15, 2016   By   in Real estate

The home price on Long Island is already $400,000. It is more than double the country’s home price. And it is still going to increase in the years to come. Buyers are now looking for homes quickly for them to still buy at a less expensive price. The best way to do this is to get a real estate agent to help you better decide which home to purchase.


Here are some tips to help you find the best real estate agent in Long Island.

Ask family members and friends for recommendations. The best way to finding a real estate agent who can assist you with your needs is by talking to friends or family members who have recently bought a home. Ask how they were treated by the agent and if the agent is knowledgeable about Long Island real estate. Find out if the agent is supportive and knows his way around Long Island. Most of the time you will find honest answers from people close to you. Ask for the real estate agent’s phone number and do not hesitate to set an appointment.


real estate agentShop for home listings. Another way to find a good real estate agent is to explore home listings. You may find a good real estate agent when you do this. If the agent has many listings in Long Island real estate, he is more likely successful with his clients and could therefore help you too. Just one important thing to remember: Do not work with agents who work with too many areas in New York. It is always better if they work with a few areas only as that means they are very familiar with it and knowledgeable about homes available in their areas.


ask questionsIt doesn’t hurt to ask questions. Ask many questions. This would help you determine whether the real estate agent knows everything he should or he doesn’t have any idea about what he’s doing. Long Island real estate is complicated, you need someone who knows a great deal about how real estate works. You wouldn’t want to work with a real estate agent who knows only a few things. That would only result to you having problems with your home in the future. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?


Before working with an agent, ask him how he deals with his clients and what kind of support he usually gives. Also, it would help if you could ask tell what you expect from him so at least he is aware of that too. You could also ask him how long he has been working with clients in Long Island and how many successful transactions he’s had so far. That would help you determine whether he is really good at what he does or just mediocre.


Find out who they network with. It is better to not just find out about buying a home, it is also important to know whether you could get help after you have purchased a home. Ask the real estate agent who he works with like his home inspectors or attorneys and ask whether they could provide assistance after buying a home. The more perks you get, the better.


Finding a good Long Island real estate agent is not easy. It may take time to really find someone who is very knowledgeable about how real estate works and is very familiar with all the homes available on the island. So when you find a good agent, make sure you are able to communicate with him what you really want in a home to avoid problems in the future.

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The Importance Of Solder Paste In PCB Assembly

Written on May 11, 2016   By   in Electronics

Solder paste is a substance made of metal alloy and flux. The alloy part is a combination of tin and lead. However, scientific studies prove that excessive exposures to lead and products with lead components can cause harmful effects to humans and other living things. Due to the studies shown, legislative movements across the world urge the manufacturing sector of solder paste and other solder products to develop metal alloys that are free of lead traces. Nowadays, solder pastes are a combination of tin and silver, copper, bismuth or zinc.
Flux medium is also critical in manufacturing and maintaining a quality solder paste. It is composed of rosin, activator, thickening agent, and solvent. Each composition is essential in making the solder paste work according to its function. Flux medium adds color, determines shelf life, establishes viscosity, and activates the electrical and chemical reliability of the solder paste.

Effect of Changes in Solder Paste Composition

PCBWith the changes of metal alloy composition in solder pastes, PCB assembly houses have to alter the reflow or soldering processes. Most metal alloys that are lead free have higher melting point. Higher melting point exposes electrical components to longer heating stress during the soldering process. In conjunction with the changes in metal alloy composition, the manufacturing sector for electronics has to strengthen the insulation packaging of the parts to withstand increased heating point.
Aside from higher melting point, metal alloys with silver components have higher cost of manufacturing. As of date, tin and copper offers the least increase in manufacturing cost of solder paste alloys and has lower melting point compared to other lead-free alloy combinations.

Uses of Solder Paste

Solder paste is used during the soldering of the components in to the board. As a conveyor belt transports the printed circuit board to the reflow oven, solder paste acts as temporary adhesive for the electrical components attached. After soldering, it helps established electrical connections between the components and the copper traces of the board.

Solder Paste in PCB Assembly


Paste Printing

It is the “squeezing” of solder paste into the board. It is also referred to as stencil printing, wherein a stencil or a template is attached to the machine. With the use of squeegee and pressure inside the machine, the solder paste is squeezed through the stencil. During this process, placing the right amount of solder paste is important. Too much paste covers up the electrical component. Too little may not established electrical connections within the board.

Soldering Process

After paste printing, the printed circuit board is transferred to the reflow oven. The reflow oven heats the board until the paste softens, enough to bond the electronic components onto the board.

Solder Paste Proper Handling

Solder paste is important in PCB assembly. Thus, the assembly team must maintain quality to ensure print ability, solder ability, and work ability of the solder paste. The substance is best kept in airtight containers at low temperature but not below freezing point. Once opened, application of the solder paste is immediate to maximize functionality. The longer the paste is exposed the lower is the rate of excellent performance due to oxidation. Aside from this, solder paste has self-life and should be used on or before expiration date.
Whether the PCB assembly is for prototypes or mass production, solder paste is very useful. With care and proper handling, its quality and intended purpose can be maximized. In addition, the right amount of the substance should be applied during the paste printing. Other factors that affect solder paste quality performance are manufacturing quality of the paste, equipment functionality, and stenciling process. With all aspects functioning well, the overall outcome is a quality printed circuit board.

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Buy GW-501516 – Unconfirmed Risks, Proven Perks

Written on April 6, 2016   By   in Health Care and Concern


GW-501516 contains PPARδ, a gene that creates a protein that takes control of a number of other genes. It has been found that it particularly takes control of the genes that regulate muscle fibre type. It has been used by athletes as a performance enhancer and has been said to display a change in metabolic abnormalities in obese people with pre-diabetic metabolic syndrome.



GW-50516 also functions by managing the burning of fat. It expands muscle gene expression and intensifies the uptake of glucose in skeletal muscle tissue. It also changes the body’s metabolism and directs it toward burning fat for energy (instead of carbohydrates or muscle protein) while increasing muscle mass. It was also shown to reduce obesity that is due to a high fat diet, which is why it has drawn much interest from drug companies and is also why people buy GW-501516.



image1GlaxoSmithKline has tested GW-501516 and deemed it unfit for human consumption. This has not stopped it from being produced however, as the chemical compound’s formula already been published, meaning that drug companies can easily have access to it and manufacture the drug themselves. In fact, this has been done and companies have endorsed it as an endurance training supplement and it has been used by cyclists and power athletes such as bodybuilders. It has also been promoted as an aid for working out by giving people the capability to become stronger and to push themselves further. These are some of the main reasons people buy GW-501516.


The tests done on GW-501516 were done on mice, and results showed that the mice given GW-501516 were able to run longer on a treadmill compared to that of a normal mouse. However, over a period of two years, the mice that were given GW-501516 steadily exhibited a significantly increased risk to developing cancer in some organs such as the liver, bladder, skin, and stomach. These results do not translate to humans, but the increased chance of cancer is definitely a concern.



Professional athletes are known to buy GW-501516 because it works as a performance enhancer and helps increase endurance.



Eventually though, it was banned and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has circulated a warning to athletes who continue to buy and use the drug. In 2013, a cyclist tested positive for GW-501516 and was suspended. This was the first case in cycling. Concerns regarding the possible use of GW-501516 by athletes were already present in the past, even before the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Because of this, a researcher had developed a urine test that sought to discover the drug in athletes. The International Olympic Committee has since then made use of the test.



Perhaps one of the reasons why athletes have shunned the warnings of WADA and continue to buy GW-501516 is because WADA has not been known for their scientific accuracy regarding drugs. It could also be attributed to the fact that there have been no reports of any side effects of taking the drug. Also, lots of online communities and forums have people sharing their experience and have claimed that they have not felt any side effects.



GW-501516 is only one of many unregulated drugs that are used to increase performance. Athletes are among the main users of such drugs, and it is a concern as to why they continue to take in these drugs despite the potential health problems that can come from it. One possible explanation is the extreme competitive nature that exists, so much so that athletes are willing to go the distance and buy and use performance enhancing drugs.



Besides, considering that GW-501516’s downsides are essentially unproven, why should they have second thoughts about taking it? There’s a lot to gain and virtually nothing to lose.



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