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Get a Motivational Speaker to Encourage Employees and Maximize Performance

Companies hire a motivational speaker to encourage employees to do well. Differences among employees’ personalities cause varying levels of motivation, resulting to a fragmented workforce in many companies. Motivational talks discuss the following elements that motivate:


Avoid Judging Employees


Motivational SpeakerEmployers and leaders are unaware of whatever hardship employees face, their level of trust, past experiences, and other personal factors that affect motivation. Some employees may also appear laid back, but they have a lot of talents to offer to a company. Employers should gain better insight about workers to maximize their potential rather than judging them superficially.


Gaining an insight about employees go beyond looking at what they typically do at the office or their credentials. It’s like a psychological assessment of an employee and discovering what he can offer the company. Judging an individual right away clouds the process of gaining insight and results to missing out on talents that could help companies.


Listen to the Employees


Failing to listen to employees’ requests cause them to lose faith in their employers. With lack of faith comes lack of motivation in doing their jobs. A motivational speaker includes vital tips on listening to employees without compromising their authority. At the end of the day, a leader needs to decide on work-related matters after considering suggestions from employees.


Aside emphasizing the need to listen to employees, talks also discuss the best ways of gaining opinions from employees. There are many ways of gathering employees’ opinions, but not all of them are effective in the office setting. Maximizing all possible means of getting opinions allow leaders to listen to requests accordingly.


Maximize Talents


They say that a good leader can draw out and maximize each employee’s talents. The same goes for employees. They need to know how to maximize their own talents then put them into work. Most employees know that they have the talent, but can’t draw them out to contribute to their performance. Others are unaware of their talents, causing them to miss out on their possible effects on performance. Motivational talks help both employees and employers tap into talents, maximizing them for productivity.


Minimize Weak Points


Everyone has his specific talent as well as weakness. Weaknesses can impact a person’s performance and bring his mood to a downward spiral that further affect his work. A good motivational speaker will discuss how to minimize weaknesses to keep them from affecting the employee and the entire team or company.


Put People at the Right Position


A common reason why people are not motivated to work is they don’t think they are right for the position. Through new insights obtained with the help of motivational talks, leaders will gauge the best positions that maximize employees’ talents. Finding out the right positions require interviewing employees, checking out their performance, allowing them to try multiple tasks, and many more. Once they found the right position for the employee, employers can monitor performance continuously and discuss career advancement.
Focus on Talent


Companies focus on skills and experience, which is understandable. They want to hire people capable of doing the job; those experienced enough in the same line of work for performance. However, focusing on skills and experience alone discards new individuals with raw talents that could be helpful for every company.


A motivational speaker discussing employee encouragement will discuss how to spot talented people in the pack rather than looking for skills and experience alone. He will also assure employers that looking for talent can be of great help as talented individuals can be trained and developed as helpful members of the company.


Set a Good Example


An employee needs to be accountable for their work. However, not all of them understand its importance for a company. The responsibility then comes to leaders and employers to set a good example.


Leaders tend to overlook their accountability on different projects. These talks remind leaders of their responsibility and encourage them to set an example other employees will follow.


Assign Tasks that Promote Helping Others


Many employees tend to work alone due to their personalities. Other more experienced employees avoid helping others because of their past experiences working in a team. Motivational talks help leaders come up with projects that allow people to help each other. Even if a person prefers to work alone, being able to work well as part of a team is important from time to time. It’s all about making the mission more enjoyable and interesting for these employees.


A reliable motivational speaker will help employees bring out their best at the office. He creates topics that can be understood by all individuals with different personalities and skill levels. Companies can schedule the motivational talk accordingly to ensure everyone will attend and have the chance to listen to helpful topics that considerably boost productivity.


A inspirational motivational video discussing employee encouragement will discuss how to spot talented people in the pack rather than looking for skills and experience alone.

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The Benefits of Getting Rubber Bracelets From The Wristband Factory

Rubber bracelets are an increasingly popular way for organizations and businesses to promote their messages. After all, there are many benefits to using them. They are very affordable, which means that you can order wristbands in bulk and give them away to a lot of people, potentially increasing the reach of your message. They are a wearable item, meaning that wristbands are highly visible and more likely to be seen by people and making it an effective way to promote your message.

The Wristband Factory is one of your best sources for rubber bracelets. They will offer you high-quality wristbands at affordable prices. And their bands are made with 100% non-allergic, medical-grade silicon, reducing the risk of skin allergy symptoms among wearers. You also have the option to choose from an array of custom colors to make your wristbands truly unique and special.
In addition, they are more than a supplier of silicon bracelets; they will actually be a partner in helping promote your cause. The organizations and groups that have sourced bracelets from them include big corporations such as Microsoft and Google, cause-oriented groups such as the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the American Cancer Society and even TV shows such as The Walking Dead.

Available Rubber Bracelets Types

The variety of wristbands available from The Wristband Factory include:
Debossed. This is the most commonly seen type of silicon bracelet and features lettering that is recessed on the band. The bands are available in an assortment of colors and you can emboss not just lettering but also logos onto them.
Embossed. This is the next-most popular type of silicon bracelet, with the lettering raised rather than recessed. This gives the bracelet a unique look that helps it to stand out.
Silk-screened. This is the best choice if you have a complicated logo or design that would be difficult to realize in a mold. In addition, with silk-screening you can print a message or design all the way around the band at no additional charge.
Color-filled Debossed. To help make the message more visible, the recessed lettering is filled up with your choice of color. This means that the message can be seen even from a distance. In addition, you can mix and match colors to make the appearance of the wristband more visually striking.
Color-Coated. This recent addition to the line adds a second layer of color on a typical debossed wristband. This makes the lettering stand out even without the addition of color on the recessed lettering.
Segmented. With this option you can add a second or third color to the original band. For example, you can take a red wristband and make half of it yellow or blue. You can choose the color scheme that you like to give your bracelet a striking appearance.
Swirled. Instead of two or three segmented colors, they are swirled together to create a tie-dyed look. The swirled option is available for embossed and debossed bracelets.
In addition, you can order bracelets in different sizes, ranging from oversized 3/4-inch and one-inch bands to microbands that are only half the standard size. This allows you to customize a wristband based on your particular requirements. For example, if you have a complicated design that you want to stand out more, you can choose a one-inch band. If you would like to be different you can choose micro wristbands in assorted colors that allow several to be worn at once. And if you would like to be really unique, you can order fingerbands that can be worn like rings.
Finally, if you would like to add functionality to the wristband, you can opt for a keychain band. A keychain is added to a standard-sized band so that you can keep keys on it.

Why Use The Wristband Factory?

You can order as few as one wristband. For debossed and color-coated bracelets, you can order only a single band if that is what you need, and it will be priced accordingly. Of course, you will save more if you order in bulk, but The Wristband Factory will not force you to order more than you need to avail of their high quality bracelets.
You have the option to avail of 24-hour rush service. If your need for wristbands is urgent, they can be completed in 24 hours or less, depending on the style you ordered. You’re sure to get the bracelets that you need in time for an important event.
You can order stock wristbands that are ready to be shipped. The Wristband Factory keeps stocks of rubber bracelets that are ready to be shipped ‘as-is’ or which can be customized on short notice. You can have your order made and shipped more quickly by simply choosing from among the colors and style that are already available.

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How to choose an agent in Long Island real estate

The home price on Long Island is already $400,000. It is more than double the country’s home price. And it is still going to increase in the years to come. Buyers are now looking for homes quickly for them to still buy at a less expensive price. The best way to do this is to get a real estate agent to help you better decide which home to purchase.


Here are some tips to help you find the best real estate agent in Long Island.

Ask family members and friends for recommendations. The best way to finding a real estate agent who can assist you with your needs is by talking to friends or family members who have recently bought a home. Ask how they were treated by the agent and if the agent is knowledgeable about Long Island real estate. Find out if the agent is supportive and knows his way around Long Island. Most of the time you will find honest answers from people close to you. Ask for the real estate agent’s phone number and do not hesitate to set an appointment.


real estate agentShop for home listings. Another way to find a good real estate agent is to explore home listings. You may find a good real estate agent when you do this. If the agent has many listings in Long Island real estate, he is more likely successful with his clients and could therefore help you too. Just one important thing to remember: Do not work with agents who work with too many areas in New York. It is always better if they work with a few areas only as that means they are very familiar with it and knowledgeable about homes available in their areas.


ask questionsIt doesn’t hurt to ask questions. Ask many questions. This would help you determine whether the real estate agent knows everything he should or he doesn’t have any idea about what he’s doing. Long Island real estate is complicated, you need someone who knows a great deal about how real estate works. You wouldn’t want to work with a real estate agent who knows only a few things. That would only result to you having problems with your home in the future. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?


Before working with an agent, ask him how he deals with his clients and what kind of support he usually gives. Also, it would help if you could ask tell what you expect from him so at least he is aware of that too. You could also ask him how long he has been working with clients in Long Island and how many successful transactions he’s had so far. That would help you determine whether he is really good at what he does or just mediocre.


Find out who they network with. It is better to not just find out about buying a home, it is also important to know whether you could get help after you have purchased a home. Ask the real estate agent who he works with like his home inspectors or attorneys and ask whether they could provide assistance after buying a home. The more perks you get, the better.


Finding a good Long Island real estate agent is not easy. It may take time to really find someone who is very knowledgeable about how real estate works and is very familiar with all the homes available on the island. So when you find a good agent, make sure you are able to communicate with him what you really want in a home to avoid problems in the future.

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The Importance Of Solder Paste In PCB Assembly

Solder paste is a substance made of metal alloy and flux. The alloy part is a combination of tin and lead. However, scientific studies prove that excessive exposures to lead and products with lead components can cause harmful effects to humans and other living things. Due to the studies shown, legislative movements across the world urge the manufacturing sector of solder paste and other solder products to develop metal alloys that are free of lead traces. Nowadays, solder pastes are a combination of tin and silver, copper, bismuth or zinc.
Flux medium is also critical in manufacturing and maintaining a quality solder paste. It is composed of rosin, activator, thickening agent, and solvent. Each composition is essential in making the solder paste work according to its function. Flux medium adds color, determines shelf life, establishes viscosity, and activates the electrical and chemical reliability of the solder paste.

Effect of Changes in Solder Paste Composition

PCBWith the changes of metal alloy composition in solder pastes, PCB assembly houses have to alter the reflow or soldering processes. Most metal alloys that are lead free have higher melting point. Higher melting point exposes electrical components to longer heating stress during the soldering process. In conjunction with the changes in metal alloy composition, the manufacturing sector for electronics has to strengthen the insulation packaging of the parts to withstand increased heating point.
Aside from higher melting point, metal alloys with silver components have higher cost of manufacturing. As of date, tin and copper offers the least increase in manufacturing cost of solder paste alloys and has lower melting point compared to other lead-free alloy combinations.

Uses of Solder Paste

Solder paste is used during the soldering of the components in to the board. As a conveyor belt transports the printed circuit board to the reflow oven, solder paste acts as temporary adhesive for the electrical components attached. After soldering, it helps established electrical connections between the components and the copper traces of the board.

Solder Paste in PCB Assembly


Paste Printing

It is the “squeezing” of solder paste into the board. It is also referred to as stencil printing, wherein a stencil or a template is attached to the machine. With the use of squeegee and pressure inside the machine, the solder paste is squeezed through the stencil. During this process, placing the right amount of solder paste is important. Too much paste covers up the electrical component. Too little may not established electrical connections within the board.

Soldering Process

After paste printing, the printed circuit board is transferred to the reflow oven. The reflow oven heats the board until the paste softens, enough to bond the electronic components onto the board.

Solder Paste Proper Handling

Solder paste is important in PCB assembly. Thus, the assembly team must maintain quality to ensure print ability, solder ability, and work ability of the solder paste. The substance is best kept in airtight containers at low temperature but not below freezing point. Once opened, application of the solder paste is immediate to maximize functionality. The longer the paste is exposed the lower is the rate of excellent performance due to oxidation. Aside from this, solder paste has self-life and should be used on or before expiration date.
Whether the PCB assembly is for prototypes or mass production, solder paste is very useful. With care and proper handling, its quality and intended purpose can be maximized. In addition, the right amount of the substance should be applied during the paste printing. Other factors that affect solder paste quality performance are manufacturing quality of the paste, equipment functionality, and stenciling process. With all aspects functioning well, the overall outcome is a quality printed circuit board.

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