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Buy GW-501516 – Unconfirmed Risks, Proven Perks


GW-501516 contains PPARδ, a gene that creates a protein that takes control of a number of other genes. It has been found that it particularly takes control of the genes that regulate muscle fibre type. It has been used by athletes as a performance enhancer and has been said to display a change in metabolic abnormalities in obese people with pre-diabetic metabolic syndrome.



GW-50516 also functions by managing the burning of fat. It expands muscle gene expression and intensifies the uptake of glucose in skeletal muscle tissue. It also changes the body’s metabolism and directs it toward burning fat for energy (instead of carbohydrates or muscle protein) while increasing muscle mass. It was also shown to reduce obesity that is due to a high fat diet, which is why it has drawn much interest from drug companies and is also why people buy GW-501516.



image1GlaxoSmithKline has tested GW-501516 and deemed it unfit for human consumption. This has not stopped it from being produced however, as the chemical compound’s formula already been published, meaning that drug companies can easily have access to it and manufacture the drug themselves. In fact, this has been done and companies have endorsed it as an endurance training supplement and it has been used by cyclists and power athletes such as bodybuilders. It has also been promoted as an aid for working out by giving people the capability to become stronger and to push themselves further. These are some of the main reasons people buy GW-501516.


The tests done on GW-501516 were done on mice, and results showed that the mice given GW-501516 were able to run longer on a treadmill compared to that of a normal mouse. However, over a period of two years, the mice that were given GW-501516 steadily exhibited a significantly increased risk to developing cancer in some organs such as the liver, bladder, skin, and stomach. These results do not translate to humans, but the increased chance of cancer is definitely a concern.



Professional athletes are known to buy GW-501516 because it works as a performance enhancer and helps increase endurance.



Eventually though, it was banned and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has circulated a warning to athletes who continue to buy and use the drug. In 2013, a cyclist tested positive for GW-501516 and was suspended. This was the first case in cycling. Concerns regarding the possible use of GW-501516 by athletes were already present in the past, even before the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Because of this, a researcher had developed a urine test that sought to discover the drug in athletes. The International Olympic Committee has since then made use of the test.



Perhaps one of the reasons why athletes have shunned the warnings of WADA and continue to buy GW-501516 is because WADA has not been known for their scientific accuracy regarding drugs. It could also be attributed to the fact that there have been no reports of any side effects of taking the drug. Also, lots of online communities and forums have people sharing their experience and have claimed that they have not felt any side effects.



GW-501516 is only one of many unregulated drugs that are used to increase performance. Athletes are among the main users of such drugs, and it is a concern as to why they continue to take in these drugs despite the potential health problems that can come from it. One possible explanation is the extreme competitive nature that exists, so much so that athletes are willing to go the distance and buy and use performance enhancing drugs.



Besides, considering that GW-501516’s downsides are essentially unproven, why should they have second thoughts about taking it? There’s a lot to gain and virtually nothing to lose.



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