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Planning a Memorial or a Funeral

FuneralHonoring the life of a deceased family member or friend is the best way for mourners at a funeral to celebrate that deceased person’s life. It is a much better alternative than actually thinking how the person died. When a family member or friend dies, it is only normal to hold memorial services. A lot of planning is involved when it comes to memorial services, because it serves to honor the deceased and the kind of life he or she lived.


In a memorial ceremony, there are some important elements that need to be considered, and one of them is the ceremony’s tone. The friends or family of the deceased must select a tone that is right for their needs. There are some people who want a comedic tone, others seek a joyful tone, while others would want the memorial service to have a somber tone. The tone of the service is usually dependent on the kind of personality the departed person had.
Recently, there has been observed a shift in the way a typical funeral service is held. Burial services, traditionally, have always been gloomy affairs. However, more people are choosing to add elements that commemorate the deceased person’s life and achievements.


Pre-planning burial arrangements are perceived as an opportunity for a person to differently emphasize aspects of his or her life so that they can have a lasting impression on those they will leave behind. Individuals who prefer a particular sports team or song may want to integrate those elements into their memorial services; this will make it easier for their loved ones to find solace and comfort.


Funeral ceremonies help friends and families left behind to adjust to life without the departed, while still remembering the person’s well-lived life. The burial or cremation ceremonies can be dependent on the individuals being commemorated. One can incorporate particular elements to set the right tone at a memorial, while also taking into consideration the deceased religious affiliations.


A way to establish the tone while organizing a memorial is by way of the selected readings – whether if there is or not a religious reading or eulogy that has a hand in the memorial’s tone. Sacred texts, written passages, or poetry can lend a unique tone to the ceremony. Another thing that can affect the memorial ceremony’s tone is by letting funeral attendees to participate in the service or even contribute or share their memories of the recently departed.


Aside from adding personalized elements to the service, another way to establish a different tone to the memorial services is by using visual displays. There are death care establishments that offer – as part of their services – video presentations that celebrate the person’s life with special memories and images of the person. These establishments also let the surviving families display memorabilia or photos. The photographs or memorabilia add a personal touch to the experience and enable families to honor their beloved friends or family members who have passed away.


These memorials are a way for surviving families and friends to deal with the loss of a loved one. Grief is only natural and the healing process should not be rushed. People do not heal the same way. Some recover from their loss in as little as a few days while others take longer than that.


In order to help surviving family members and friends deal with the grieving process, the death care establishments can also help in arranging the funeral or memorial service. Before the memorial is held, the establishments provide caskets, flowers, transportation, fees for the clergy, and location for the wake. The death of a loved one can be an arduous process, but the memorial services can help commence the healing process.

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