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Make Your Custom Lanyards Stand Out

Custom lanyards are currently everywhere. They are very common these days. Companies, schools, hospital personnel, health workers, event organizers and other groups are using them.


We are so used to seeing people that it will probably take a lot of work for a lanyard to capture our attention. The fact is that we might have probably seen all types of lanyards, but we do not really pay too much attention on them.


However, we cannot deny that there are lanyards that make us take a second look. The moment that we turn our heads to see what the lanyard is about then that is only the time that we become curious to what it really stands for.


We will share you our observations on what make our lanyards stand out from the crowd.


1. Attractive Color Scheme


We have to admit that something as tiny as lanyards usually go unnoticed. People do not really pay attention to small things but when we do, we scrutinize everything about it.


One of the things that can easily get people’s attention is color. Bright colors can make something instantly stand out. However, it does not follow that bright colors always make the perfect lanyard color.

Badge Holders

Again, you must remember that there are several lanyards that are currently available in the market. Almost every color in the color wheel has already been used in making lanyards. Use something that will be pleasing to look at.


In choosing a color scheme, use something, which represents your company or group. This will immediately give hint to people about the owner of the lanyard, which means that it is a good way of branding your company.


Another thing is that you must choose colors that work together. In the world of art, great colors when combined together do not always create harmony. The same thing applies in making lanyards. Say for instance, your background color is bright then try not to use bright colors for your prints.


2. Unique Design


If you are planning to order custom lanyards from us, then try to come up with something new in terms of designs. We see almost the same types of lanyards on a daily basis.


The prints may vary depending on the name of the company or the group it represents but most of the time, we see them as if they are all the same. Now if you want to step it up, you can try to be more creative.

Woven Lanyards

You can use lanyards that are not usually used by others. A good example are woven lanyards. Woven lanyards do exist but they are rarely used. A lot companies are missing out the opportunity of making their lanyards stand out by not picking this choice.


Perhaps one of the reasons why companies are hesitant to use them is because they find it hard to print their company name or logo on them. Rest assured, however, that if you ask our help to do the printing for you, you will get top-notch custom woven lanyards guaranteed to capture people’s attention.


Worn by a Considerable Number of People


Seeing a large number of people wearing the same custom lanyards is probably one of the things that will definitely capture anyone’s attention. Anyone will be curious to find out what it represents if almost every person he meets is wearing it.


This is the reason why it is important for any company or group to give the same lanyards to every member of the group. The more representatives your group or your company has, the more chances of bringing more attention and clients to your business.


Apart from your employees or group members, you can also give custom lanyards as promotional items to your prospect or existing clients. Again, the more people are wearing them, the more chances of making your lanyard recognizable from a crowd.


3. High Quality


It is easy to tell if custom lanyards are made from cheap materials or not. People are quick to judge when they find something faulty in a product. If you want your lanyard to stand out from the crowd, make sure that it stand out for the reasons. We have never heard of any company that became ecstatic for gaining for being famous because of negative feedback.


We like to look at sophisticated things. People tend to pay more attention to those made of high quality materials compared to those made from low quality materials.


Cheap does not always mean low quality, so do not make the quoted price your basis in concluding if something is good or not. Besides, people will not really care how much you paid for the lanyard. What people will look at is the quality of lanyards.


A good quality lanyard is something that looks good, does not look sloppy and is made from high quality materials. It is durable despite everyday use.

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